Friday, January 21, 2011

Cho'Gall is down

This fight was a good one.  There have been a lot of fights in Cataclysm that were either very slanted towards lots of healers due to being very forgiving (Valiona and Theralion) or had a straight up berserk timer that simply caused you to lose at 6 minutes (Atramedes, Halfus).  I don't particularly like either of those mechanics as having bosses that are readily beatable once 3 people have died seems very weak and it always feels a little bit silly when a boss suddenly decides to use his instant death attack that he has been holding back on for the entire fight.  Cho'Gall, however, has a really good enrage mechanic that doesn't revolve around a hard berserk.  Once you get him to 25% he starts stacking up corruption on the raid and as your corruption gets higher and higher you start to do all kinds of really awful things and eventually you go crazy and die.  You cannot beat the timer without all your dps alive, particularly since he also summons adds to increase the burden.

We are the first guild on Vek'nilash to down this guy, or any endboss for that matter.  Granted some guilds are killing him in hardmode but in our little corner of the world we are the undisputed champs, for the moment at least.  It feels much better than it ever did before because there isn't the artificial 'well, we only did it in 10 man mode' tacked on to every boss celebration.  We didn't beat the easy mode, we just beat the fight, and finally we can just say that with pride and without qualifiers.  It must be a brutal challenge to design fights that are of roughly equal difficulty in both 10 and 25 man modes but since we are seeing most world first kills in 25 man and some in 10 man I assume they are doing a reasonable job by and large.

It is certainly notable how much harder Cataclysm raiding is than Wrath raiding.  In Wrath we had every normal mode beat within 2 weeks of launch and were wondering what to do with ourselves.  In Cataclysm we are 6 weeks in and we still have 2 normal modes to beat, 12 hardmodes and 1 super hardmode and we are the best on the server!  They certainly put in a good set of bosses from where I sit, with the first bosses being not too hard and the endbosses being a good challenge.  I can only assume the hardmodes will be absolutely brutal, which is fine, since casual guilds can see some content, good guilds can beat all the bosses, and superb guilds can beat all the hardmodes.  Sounds good to me.  Now we just have to find out if OGT is one of those superb guilds or not.

Edit:  I just saw the best achievement ever.

"I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am."

-Reward for beating Sinestra with no deaths in 1 try.  We need to beat Cho'Gall heroic and go get this RIGHT NOW!

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