Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All the spoils go to me.

Yesterday I wrote about the guild I am joining and their loot system.  I was concerned about their loot system's tendency to create drama and a couple of commenters agreed with me that they don't like ambiguity and the possibility of doing something wrong without knowing it.  I think most people really like the idea of not being able to be wrong and just having things work.  I wasn't particularly concerned about getting loot because their recruiting advertisement talked about how they were just blowing up all the Holy Paladin loot they got because they desperately need a Holy Paladin... so the fact that I am a Holy Paladin would suggest that I am going to be rolling around naked on a giant pile of shiny new loot.  Their rules, though, say that recruits have absolutely zero priority on loot so in theory I could end up getting absolutely nothing.  In practice we beat 4 bosses on the first night and I got handed 5 epics, two of which were for my off spec!  I now have the entirely reasonable expectation that I will receive at least 1 drop from every boss we kill as all my experience suggests that this is how initiate periods in 25 man guilds go.  The shocking thing about this is that they beat exactly the same bosses that my old guild beat but the RNG favoured me like it never has before.

I was also curious whether the 25 man encounters would actually work out to be easier than the 10 man encounters.  So far I think some of the 25 man fights are definitely easier and some seem to be pretty much on par.

Magmaw in particularly was utterly impossible on 10 man when it launched and got several rounds of nerfs before it was beatable.  My healers were awesome players when we beat it in 10s and they were absolutely tapped - we had no wiggle room at all.  Magmaw on 25s was just tuned a little bit looser - the damage was much easier to deal with in comparison at least partly due to having many more cooldowns available I think, but partly just the raw numbers.

Omnotron was a little easier in 25s due to having more slows and more interrupts available but either way we did normal mode so the tuning isn't exactly tight.

Chimaeron seemed similar.  The tank healing was *way* easier in 25s because you have to heal the same amount of damage but you have 7 people instead of 3.  The raid healing is tougher because establishing assignments for healing 5 targets is much harder than 2.  I think overall Chim is much easier on normal mode in 25s just because p2 takes so much longer due to having more people involved.  On heroic mode I think it probably isn't that different as long as you have a Discipline Priest in your 10 man raid.

Maloriak felt like it was probably harder in some ways, easier in others.  The tank healing felt much harder because the tank was taking swings for 2/3 of his HP during green phase and had to go from 10% to full in 3 seconds on black phase.  The group healing was probably fairly comparable but the iceblock healing was easy as hell.

So far I can definitely say that 25s are the easier route.  Having more cooldowns available and having more favourable raw numbers makes a lot of things much simpler.  Of course, we haven't tackled heroic Al'alkir yet and I hear he makes 25 man raids cry.  We will see.

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