Thursday, November 3, 2011

Glitch over man, Glitch over

I have been playing Glitch like a lunatic for some time now.  It was a lot of fun doing so but I think I need to be done as gameplay has devolved into a pure timesink.  Initially I spent a lot of time exploring, trying to do quests and sorting out game mechanics but that is pretty much all over by this point:  I am reasonably high level, collected all 11 Icons and have the majority of the skills completed so getting anything new is starting to be a rare occurrence.  Even when I do get something new to do (like learning to use the Cocktail Shaker, which will occur soon) I have resources such that I can completely exhaust the new recipes and quests in a matter of minutes.  Really the only thing left to do is log in every four hours when the game day resets and do all the things that are limited by game days.  I can continue levelling up like this but any moments of interest will be few and far between - the great majority of my time will be either mindless clicking on things to farm up stuff or sitting staring at my monitor while my character cooks 40 Awesome Stews in a row.

Note that I have played an truckload of games where there was an awful lot of repetitive clicking in the past; that certainly is no great barrier for me.  The trick though is that the clicking needs to either have some other purpose I am working towards or be challenging.  In Glitch there aren't really a lot of obvious goals aside from getting to maximum level or learning all the skills, both of which require stupendous amounts of time.  There certainly isn't anything to prepare for as once I get to maximum level or have all the skills I will be doing exactly the same thing I did before.  There also isn't any challenge to the game at all aside from optimizing your gathering / cooking / selling / donating economies and I have got that down pretty near perfectly.  There are other skills to learn but I don't think there is actually anything that will change my current set of strategies for maximizing my income and progression.  This reminds me in a way of the way WOW levelling is right now in that here is nothing to learn and no challenge whatsoever.

Moreover I think that I need to get other parts of my life going again.  I should do more work on FMB to get it polished and ready to publish (though I still don't know that I will ever actually attempt publishing it) and I have a tabletop RPG to write.  I also plan on doing more volunteering and maybe taking up some sort of exercise regimen and although I would be willing to put those things aside for a really compelling game I don't see much reason to rank them below making numbers bigger in Glitch.  The game is certainly highly addictive and in the beginning the world is a huge and wondrous place with all kinds of neat nooks and crannies to explore but eventually it just wears thin.   If that weren't enough reason I should probably get the rest of my life in order before I fall hopelessly down the rabbit hole of Diablo 3.

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