Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A request for information - board games

I have been volunteering at Elli's school for the board games club and I need to draw on the considerable experience of my gaming community to help with new board game purchases.  I need help finding board games that are:

Fast to play
Easy to teach
Do not have too many fiddly pieces
Are playable if kids lose a piece or two
Quick to set up and put away

What suggestions do you have?  The school has a bazillion copies of Monopoly (probably the worst game possible) and a few that really work like Connect Four and Checkers.  I was thinking of Carcassone and Quoridor as good options as well as Blockus (which they already have).  What other games out there would fit my criteria and be good ones for kids ages 7-12?


  1. Ticket to Ride
    Hang On Harvey

  2. Othello. (Can replace stray missing pieces with coins if necessary.)
    Scrabble? (I played it a fair amount at the top end of that range, but this might be one of those generalizing-from-one-example scenarios.)
    Yahtzee isn't a board game per se, but meets your criteria otherwise.
    Likewise Mille Bornes.
    And Coloretto! (Or wait, am I stepping on the privileges of the card game club at this point?)