Monday, July 29, 2013

Wanted: Heroes to save the world. Good pay, some danger.

I am going to be starting up a new fantasy roleplaying campaign in the next little bit.  I will be running it and I already have two players so I need one or two people to fill the roster.  We will be using the RPG I designed called Heroes By Trade.  I have been testing it over the past 7 months or so and it has come out the other side of testing seeming very robust and the reviews have been really positive so now it is time to run a campaign and see how that goes.

My games definitely have a roleplaying emphasis and I want people who are interested in making a character with real history and depth.  There will be hard decisions and you will develop relationships with all kinds of denizens of the world, including each other.  Familiarity with the system or tactical skill is not required - there will be fighting and dicechucking but as long as you are willing to learn and excited about playing I don't expect perfect play by any stretch.  The learning curve in terms of numbers and rules is drastically easier than regular DnD but the depth of tactical play is fairly substantial; figuring out how things work is simple but figuring out exactly what is the optimal thing to do can be challenging.

The current plan is to play in the afternoons starting noonish and stopping before suppertime, probably on Fridays.  Currently I plan on playing at my place.  If you read this blog and are interested but aren't familiar with me IRL that means Yonge/Eglinton in Toronto; feel free to contact me even if we have never met face to face.  Your ability to show up regularly is critical.  I am not interested in constantly cancelling or rescheduling games because you can't make it.  However, if you want to play but can't make the listed times but have other times you could be consistently available let me know - I will keep alternate arrangements in mind.

So, if you want to kill some monsters, explore a fantastical world, and save all existence from the Void then send me an email or reply on Facebook.

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