Friday, July 10, 2015

I just wanna fly

I just want to fly.

And soon, I will be able to.  For the entirety of this expansion so far the new content in WOW has been ground only but shortly (probably this coming tuesday) flight will be available again.

The debate as to whether or not flying should be available has been contentious and full of tremendous anger and vitriol on both sides.  I tend to take a middle path between the people screaming that Blizzard ought to let them fly because not doing so is removing options and that is evil, and those that think that flying just ruins everything and makes players rush past the fun.

I think that navigating the world on the ground is a good idea for a long time.  There is definitely a satisfaction that comes with exploring and finding ways to get to difficult spots.  The world feels more deep, more frightening, more immersive when you have to hack your way through it while bound by gravity.

But eventually that does get old, and flying makes you feel so powerful, so free.  Blizzard is requiring a lot for flying, and I think it is appropriately done.  You have to do all the major quest chains, explore all the areas, level up some new factions, and find all kinds of treasures.  Once you have done this you have definitely paid your dues in terms of navigating the world and doing the stuff and I think it is a fine thing to then be able to fly.

To my mind this hybrid solution of flying being available only after you have really had the ground experience is the best one.

I just want to fly.

But I am glad to have had the non flying stuff too, as that was fun, and it will make the ascent to the wild blue yonder all the sweeter.

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