Saturday, August 29, 2015

Better still

Season 4 for Diablo 3 is upon us, and with it a whole host of changes to the game.  They are pretty much all great ones to my mind and I find myself with the urge to play D3 like has never before been the case, barring right at release.  In part this is because they really upgraded the Witch Doctor class and that has been my thing right from the get go.  There are a bunch of general improvements but the biggest thing that is making me happy is that the WD can actually be an effective caster now.  There was support for a DOT build and a pet build but half the class is devoted to nukes and those were all worthless - until this latest patch, that is.

I love the collectible element of the new cube too, where I need to find a copy of every legendary in the game so my cube can have the power to reproduce any of them!  Of course I won't, because most legendaries aren't much good, but nonetheless I really want to catch em all.

Blizzard decided to nerf crowd control in this iteration, mostly gutting all the classes/builds that tried to do zero damage in favour of totally locking down all the monsters on the screen.  I like this change - although it does make general CC abilities worse it means that you can't just build a pure glass cannon and expect that the enemies will never be allowed to take actions.

So many of the issues with D3 over the past have been eliminated, and now I am so excited to get back to smashing demon faces and finding stuff and getting twinky that I won't write a long post.  A thumbs up if there ever was one.

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