Thursday, September 24, 2015

All figured out and nowhere to go

It has hit again - that malaise that comes to a WOW raider at the end of an expansion where logging in to bash bosses just seems pointless.  Partly I think it is the way the loot is structure at the moment, because I can get 695 gear in every slot just by doing random dailies, so bosses that drop 690, 695, and 700 loot are pretty unexciting.  Now I have nearly every piece of gear from normal modes that I might want barring one specific trinket so the loot isn't really getting me going.  Unfortunately the heroic modes we are going to be trying are only dropping ilvl 705 loot so while that is an upgrade it is still going to be vendor food for many slots.

It is really hard to get up motivation to look for new loot when the first time you kill a boss you end up vendoring most of what it drops!  Having such high ilvl items available from questing and missions and crafting is good in many ways, but it really does make an awful lot of the raid drops worthless.

Of course there are other things to get excited about that aren't loot.  New fights, new mechanics, new challenges.  However, now that I have my set complete and I know how to play it there won't be any new things to think about in terms of personal strategy for this xpac - I am done, it is all figured out.  Normally there would be strategic decisions to make but my guild is never going to attempt mythic modes and heroics are exactly the same as normal but with higher numbers.  Can I work up the desire to grind the same fights over again with slightly bigger values on my screen?

It seems I cannot.  I missed the raid last night because I was excitedly writing flavourful fluff and while I felt a bit guilty for leaving the guild in the lurch I was happier having done my creation than pushing buttons and making bosses die.

WOW can offer me a lot of things.  It can make me think, it can make me plan for the future, and it can surprise me with new stuff.  Right now there is nothing more to think about, no future to consider, and no new stuff to experience.

So I think I am done with Warlords of Draenor, and will await the next expansion to begin again.  It was fun, and now I am done.

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