Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One dozen

I am all growed up as an Arena player in Hearthstone - today I finally got to 12 wins, which is the maximum possible.  I was so close to the perfect run, sitting at 11-0 with a super strong deck, but against my twelfth opponent I drew badly and missed my turn 2 drop.  That set me back hard on tempo and it took seven turns for me to struggle back.  I thought I had finally stabilized when my opponent dropped Avenging Wrath, clearing my board and dropping me to 3 health.  No problem, I thought - I can just drop a couple minions into play and then never take damage again!

I'll be fine!

Then my dastardly foe windmill slammed Tirion fucking Fordring into play.  (I can't see my opponent in Hearthstone, but I know they were windmill slamming it, interface be damned.)

I was not fine.

That guy is just not fair!  At least I can console myself with the fact that whether I played that game perfectly or not is absolutely irrelevant.  All my opponent had to do was trade well, put some pressure on, and perform said windmill slam.  Good game!  However, I can't be too sad.  At least I got beat by the greatest paladin of all time, and I do like me my paladins.

The next game got me my twelfth win without much issue though, as I managed to leverage my own completely unfair cards.  Turns out that Flamewaker x 2 plus 11 spells to trigger them leads to some pretty lopsided games.

I find comparing my deck's power score on the Hearth Arena system to my performance pretty interesting.  My score was 64.9, which is pretty average if you draft the way the site recommends, or just draft well on your own.  That score doesn't take into account your deck's synergies though and this deck certainly felt like by far the strongest I had ever drafted.  I had everything covered - great board clears, big removal, and a solid cast of dudes with a reasonable curve.  I didn't have any absurd legendaries but honestly Flamestrike fills the role of 'big cost card that just wins the game' pretty well.  Especially when you have +2 Spellpower and a Flamewaker in play!  PEWPEW

The thing that really put it over the top is that in addition to all the great removal and Flamewaker goodness I even had a lot of small stuff going for me.  I had dragon and mech synergies that both came home a lot, a Mad Scientist / Secret combo, and three mech sources of Spare Parts to fuel Flamewaker damage spewing.  It wasn't just a stack of good cards, but rather had all kinds of small things working together, and that package was *so* much more deadly than the individual card scores indicate.

Now I am back at it, hunting for yet another brutal set of cards that can let me ascend to the sky on a stairway made of shattered dreams and ragequits.

My decklist:

Zombie Chow
Clockwork Gnome

Amani Berserker
Loot Hoarder
Mad Scientist
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Haunted Creeper
Boneguard Lieutenant
Flamecannon x 2

Harvest Golem
Jungle Panther
Tinkertown Technician
Soot Spewer
Flamewaker x 2

Mechanical Yeti
Twilight Guardian
Dalaran Aspirant

Silver Hand Knight
Spectral Knight
Kvaldir Raider
Flame Lance

Drakonid Crusher

Flamestrike x 2

Force Tank Max


  1. Heartharena does take synergies into account.

    1. It does when making draft choices, yes, but it doesn't when assigning your deck an overall score at the end. That end score is just the average of all of the standard weightings for your cards.