Wednesday, December 16, 2015


So I finally hit the giant red button.

(Unlike certain other giant red buttons, there was no "Do not hit this button" warning.)

My Kickstarter project for Camp Nightmare is live.  You can give me money and then I will turn that money into a co-op camping game for you.

Heck, if you give me even more money then you can build a card for the game, or just have your name immortalized in a card title in the game.  (Arash Prakash's Excessively Sharp Knife, for example, where the current card is just Knife.)

Here it is:  Kickstarter for Camp Nightmare!

You can see the page on Camp Nightmare here on my blog here.  The full rules appear there, if you are curious.

Feel free to support the Kickstarter, and to recommend to others if you like the idea and think they will too.


  1. So immediate questions that come to mind...

    1. Shipping seems extraordinarily high. I've backed quite a few kickstarters now, and I've never paid $20 to ship. Even the 5lb deluxe edition of Orleans only cost $10 to ship.
    2. If I get 3 signed copies, they are $20 each. If I get 10 they are $30 each?
    3. What actually comes with the game? Is there a board? Does it come with pieces? How many cards are there? The only picture is of a prototype that makes it look like I might have to cut the cards myself.

    I backed the game, but only because I know you and have played some version of it. There seem to be some fundamental things here that will discourage anyone that has not done both of those things (met you and played the game).

    Just my thoughts.

  2. The difference in the cost is that the shipping is free on the larger one. I suppose that isn't necessarily obvious though.

    As to components, I ran through them on the video, but an itemized list is a great idea. Will add.