Sunday, January 3, 2016

A game for the old and creaky

The next season of Diablo 3 comes out in a few weeks.  I was initially interested in it, but the interest waned because I remembered why I gave up playing during the last season - my hands and wrists couldn't take the strain.  I was playing a spec that required clicking multiple times per second on both hands continuously and eventually my body began to rebel.  This is something new for me, as I know in years past I was able to play just this hard for much longer with no issues.  While I like playing games, I am definitely not in the mood to give myself repetitive strain injuries just to play Diablo!  Getting old sucks.

But then a light dawned and renewed my enthusiasm for trying again.  There is a new spec for Witch Doctors in the coming patch that is both competitive and extremely light on clicks.  It revolves around running a pet build specializing in Gargantuans and not using any normal attacks at all.  The idea is that you don't bother using any gear or skills that attack directly and rely purely on your dorks to fight the enemies.

The build does have a bunch of moderately short cooldowns, but if I can't manage to click once every three seconds or so then obviously it is time to turn in my keyboard and mouse.

The testing other people have done has shown that the build is competitive at least.  It isn't likely the perfect, optimal build but I don't need to be perfect, I just need to be good and to not ruin my body trying to collect shiny loot.

I really like the new patch from a theoretical standpoint and I am definitely going to enjoy maximizing and figuring out gear and spec choices.  Diablo theorycrafting has tons of great options now and since I can actually put the theory into practice there is some sauce in my walk.

Now to wait a couple weeks to find out just how good a true summoner can be.

Slay them my minions!  Mwahaha!

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