Monday, June 27, 2016

Ten to the what?

I have been playing some Clicker Heroes these past couple weeks.  I abandoned the game a long time ago, but the new additions to it brought me back to investigate.  Why it is I am brought back into a game that is fundamentally absurd I don't know, but I can't seem to stop myself.

The latest update is interesting because it changes progression in the game in a couple of fundamental ways.  It used to be that the game had severe diminishing returns on progress pretty much no matter how far along you were.  The first Ascension you would collect perhaps 7 Souls, the next one 10 Souls, etc.  I eventually got to the point where I was collecting 50,000 Souls per Ascension but it was clear that the next run would be 53,000, the next one 57,000, and so forth.  The numbers would always get bigger, but nothing new would happen and the progression eventually became glacial.  However, now the new formulas have made it so that each run gets bigger than the previous - by a lot.  My past Transcension (different from Ascension) I collected roughly 3.7 Billion Souls, and the one before it was on the order of 300 Million Souls.  A huge change!  Each Transcension you will be collecting 10 times the Souls of the previous, or somewhere in that neighborhood at least.  It turns out that setting the amount of stuff you get to 20*x^250 gets pretty big even when x is roughly 1.01, and x gets just a little bit bigger each time. (Also the 250 value increases too.)

Of course Clicker Heroes is still just a game where you click once and then wait 20 minutes to click again.  I giggle when I imagine explaining this game to someone:

So what did you do there?

I clicked a button to do a billion times as much damage.

A billion times?  That seems like a lot for one button click.  Hit that button a lot?

Oh, it is good, but I can't hit it very often.  Look here now, I am doing something new!  This accomplishment will make me do .3% more damage.

Wait, so you click "Multiply damage by 1 billion" all the time, but get excited by "Increase damage by .3%?"

Yes, that is exactly it.  You see, the .3% bonus applies for longer than the 1 billion times multiplier.

So the .3% applies forever?

Oh no, it goes away too.  Mostly it just helps me hit the 1 billion times multiplier slightly less often for a short time.

So how much damage do you do now?

Roughly 10^170.

So you do as much damage as the number of molecules in the universe, SQUARED?  That is the damage you do, per second?

Yes.  That is how this game works.  My damage per second is the number of molecules in the universe, squared.  You know a game is awesome when the developers have a serious problem in getting computers to record the numbers in the game because those numbers are so large.  Love it!

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