Monday, October 10, 2016

More damage

Last night I was playing WOW and ended up in a guild group going to do Mythic Court of Stars Rank 4.  I was not optimistic about our group's ability to beat the timer, but I figured we would at least pick up some loot.  This was largely because the dps requirement to beat this dungeon is fairly high and we didn't have enough people who really crank it out.  Nonetheless we finally found a healer after sitting around for quite some time and off we went.

It was messy.  We made it through the first chunks of trash but there were some wipes, largely due to accidentally getting two groups at a time.  The healing was a mess and our healer was constantly out of mana so I ended up healing the group up a lot between pulls even though I was specced for damage.  I was amazed at how hard the trash hit, because people were just dying too much.

We downed the first boss without that much difficulty and moved on through the dungeon.  A few pulls after the first boss we wiped again and somebody asked

"uh, wait, who is healing?"

So we all looked at the party and realized that the 'healer' we had added in as our fifth was in fact specced for damage and hadn't been healing at all.  He thought *I* was healing.  Then I looked at the damage meters and realized that yes, there are clearly five people attacking and nobody healing.

You might think that at this point since we had three people in the group with healer offspecs we would be fine.  You would be wrong.

Unfortunately all three damage dealers who had that option had no practice and no gear for their healer setup.  I am set up as dps/tank and the other two only dps.  Undoubtedly it would have been easier to do the dungeon with a bad healer than no healer, but not much, since all the enemies would die slower.

We all laughed at ourselves a lot.  "These enemies hit hard" we had said.  "This dungeon is brutal" we had said.  But nobody wondered why they dipped down to 10% health and then just sat there!

We ended up just giving up.  I feel okay with this because it was hilarious and silly and it made me laugh a lot.  How can you be bitter about such an absurd outcome?

So to everyone out there - You can do difficult dungeons without a healer.  People will die a lot.  It might be really fun.


  1. Woah. Wait a second. Let me get this straight.

    You. *You* of all people, complained about how hard an adventure was, with people dying left and right, and only after multiple encounters (months!), realized that you didn't have a healer, and OMG things are more difficult without a healer?

    For some reason, this sounds awfully familiar...


  2. ...and in similar news, moments later I stumbled across new playtest rules for 5e encounter strength: