Thursday, June 29, 2017

Anger Management

Last time I wrote about getting conceded to on the Blood Bowl ladder.  It happened twice in a row and I was wondering what was going on.  It turns out I was in the casual league where there are a LOT of concessions.  I built a new team for the real league where concessions are limited and started again.  This time I will get some real games!

In my first outing I was in some dwarf on dwarf action.  Normally dwarf games involve a seething mass of hairy balls rolling around in the middle of the field, and this was no exception.  My opponent took a bunch of really risky, aggressive plays and they paid off by taking out 3 of my dwarves.  Then they walked the ball right to my goal line and sat around beating up my team until the end of the half.  On my opponent's last turn, on their last opportunity to score with their dominant position, they decided to take some time first to bash my dudes.  Each bash had a 2.8% chance of ending their turn and costing them the touchdown they had worked so hard for.  On the fifth bash they rolled badly, fell down, and ended their turn.

Before I could click anything my opponent had conceded in a fit of rage.  It was kind of hilarious because they were still in a dominant position with me down multiple players but they were apparently so angry they couldn't stay to beat me up for awhile and win the game.

I queued up again and ran into a Chaos team so I was due for another round of bashing.  This time luck swung my way and I KOd some Beastmen and scored a touchdown, so we started the second half with me winning 1-0 and up 3 players.

And my opponent immediately conceded.

I am finding this a bit ridiculous.  So far my team hasn't even managed to injure an opponent, I have scored 1 touchdown, and I have 2 victories to my name.

I queued up a third time and got another slow bashy opponent - Nurgle.  We bashed each other around a lot and ended up in a 1-1 draw.  When I stopped my opponent's final drive they decided to spend 3 turns telling me how horrible I was and bemoaning how all of their opponents get so lucky.  They told me that people like me should be banned from the competitive ladder.  They also said that they were going to immediately delete and restart their team after the game because starting off with a tie is completely unacceptable, and then complained about me wasting both of our time.

I tried to explain that my team got some experience and I had fun, but they told me that the point of the competitive ladder is not for fun and I should go away and play in the fun ladder.  I guess the point of the competitive ladder is suffering and whinging?  Also restarting teams over and over until you get a bunch of wins in a row.


I am glad I will be done with all of these sore losers soon.  After my 7 starting games here I can join my friends in a private league and play against people who won't spend all their time quitting and complaining.


  1. Anyone playing Nurgle on the championship ladder is definitely playing for the suffering.

  2. I so regret not joining the Blood Bowl league...

    Though really, if I'm looking for this kind of angst, I can always play Magic Online!

  3. Is it much less fun for you to play 2 half games; instead of a full game where the second half is lopsided in your favour?

    1. If you never concede, but most people do concede, you will sometimes play even games, often play games where you're disadvantaged, and never play games where you're advantaged.

      I would say it is less fun to play dice games where you only get to keep playing when you're rolling badly.

    2. People also ragequit when they are ahead but something unfortunate happens, so the concedes are only weakly correlated with winning. Sometimes people are hardasses like me and they play right through no matter what!