Monday, June 11, 2018

A filthy cheater

I am cheating on my gamer spouses.  Gloomhaven is a game that you gain real advantage from playing through multiple times because you learn what to expect in various encounters and can plan ahead.  As such people who play as a group have some reason to want their partners to remain faithful and not play with anyone else... but I am not going to do that.  Gloomhaven promiscuity, here I come.

I have been playing a second campaign on tabletop simulator with Oldhobo and it is being a blast.  Normally computer supported board games are a lot faster than the manual kind because everything is automated but that is not true in this case.  It is just as annoying to do many things, and there are a few outliers here and there each way.  Shuffling is easier, but searching for stuff is harder.

I wonder if Naked Man is worried that I will leave him for Oldhobo.  I am quite able to maintain multiple Gloomhaven relationships at a time, in the same way that I maintain romantic relationships at the same time, but Naked Man seems more jealous of exclusivity than Wendy is.

My last scenario with Oldhobo was quite the joke.  We killed everything in the entire place except for a single super slow golem that had a ton of health and was laconically making its way towards us after we dashed past it to the final room.  We got our combat goals, left only 2 coins in the whole dungeon, and were never in anything even resembling danger.

I think a lot of that ease was due to my combat abilities lining up particularly well against the dungeon.  I had a pair of abilities that did a single damage AOE, and this AOE ignores shields because you don't actually pull cards for it.  One of the major challenges of the dungeon was that there were a bunch of enemies with high shields and 2 health, so the ability to pop off my 1 damage AOEs and just instantly end them was devastating.

I can't quite tell yet how much of Gloomhaven success is based around having just the right class for a particular encounter.  I know in my main Gloomhaven game I absolutely butchered a group of Retaliating enemies by popping a big Retaliate and Shield on myself and standing in the middle of them - single cards are not usually supposed to deal 10 damage and prevent 10 damage to me!  Many other classes struggle facing those enemies but I just laughed at them and mowed them down.

I do like that the way you handle particular groups of enemies is still being fresh and exciting even after many encounters.  I haven't seen anywhere near all the stuff yet and even just simple combinations of things I have already done require lots of thinking and creativity.

However, the one thing I am appreciating more and more as time goes by is automatic damage.  Enemies with lots of shields and retaliate really make it clear that effects with low numbers that can ignore enemy mechanics are super powerful and you need some of them in your toolbox.

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  1. I enjoy sharing the wonder of exploration, so it will be disappointing the first time you say, "yeah, we opened that envelope last week, this is how you optimize it".

    Also, what does it say about your self restraint? Millions of games out there and you have to play this one two games at a time. Clear marshmallow test failure.