Camp Nightmare

Camp Nightmare is a coop game for 1 to 5 people.  It is themed around a group of campers going off into the wilderness trying to have a good time despite the endless parade of disasters that befall them.  Bears, rain, freezing cold, falling trees, pointless debates, and tents on fire threaten the group and everyone must band together to try to have as much fun as possible.  Everyone scores together and wins or loses as a group.

The players take turns and on their turn each player takes one Action like Gathering Wood, Foraging, Gearing Up, or Starting a Fire.  Then they must choose which Disaster happens next from a small group of Disasters.  The game switches back and forth from Day to Night based on player choices and the players must find ways to gather enough wood to start fires, enough food to keep everyone fed, and find time to nap somewhere along the way to regain their energy.

The game takes 40 minutes to an hour to play and is suitable for ages 10 and up.  It is completely suitable for any group size up to six and plays just fine as a solitaire game for those who want to camp all by themselves.


Here are some pictures of my original version.

The modern version with all the cool art and everything!

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