FMB Documents and Links

FMB is the board game I have been building for years.  You can find older posts about it here and newer ones here.  The links to the files for the game board, rules and other details are all at the bottom of this page.

FMB is available for anyone to use.  That is to say, you can feel free to use these files, print them and share them but you need to give me (Sky Roy) credit as the creator and not alter them.  If you do choose to build a game and play it I would love to hear about it!

The original version:

The new version:

A game in progress:

Pictures of board pieces - Word

Unit and tokens graphics - PowerPoint

Lists of Factions you can choose when you pick your army - Word

List of Artifacts and their effects - Word

List of Spells and their effects - Word

The rules of FMB - Word

The Gold scoring track - Acrobat