Friday, October 17, 2014

Ole' reliable

In making my new camping themed coop game I have gone back to the most common and consistent technique in my arsenal - Magic sleeves with a Magic card in them and a printout on the front.  Like so:

Years ago I ended up with tiny stacks of paper printouts for games I was developing and it was always a mess.  Shuffling was annoying, they were forever getting bent, crumpled, and marked, and they simply had terrible hand feel.  I need to be constantly flicking, shuffling, and manhandling cards I am holding and having a bit of stiffness and resilience is required.  Now this technique is my go to solution for nearly everything - FMB uses it, I constantly use it in roleplaying games, and now Camp Nightmare (the very not final name for my new venture) is using it too.

As far as Camp Nightmare goes, things are being excellent.  I finally got it all printed out and sleeved today and so I was able to do a couple of trial runs.  The game plays fine with just one player even though it is more designed for a small group.  I suspect that it caps out at five people as you could play with any number in theory but the gameplay would start to become pretty silly at six and above.  I got a completely outrageous draw on my first solo game and got a score of 25 which I don't know that I will be able to match again soon.  Wendy and I played together and had a much less favourable draw for a final score of 14 so I expect top notch players will be able to put up scores of around 20 on a regular basis.

Next weekend I am going to be doing a playtest of both Camp Nightmare and a new board game a friend of mine is developing called Animal Odyssey which is sort of themed around The Incredible Journey and similar stories.  I am already in love with my new game and I feel like it has a lot of potential in terms of deep strategy.  Some of that strategy is in playing the board as you see it, some is in knowing exactly what sorts of Disasters still lie ahead, and some is in reading your partners to try to figure out what they are planning.  A bit of computation, some memorization, and a dash of mind reading.

I am feeling really good about this one.

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