Friday, October 10, 2014

Recruiting for playtesting

Right now I have an ongoing Heroes By Trade game going and one of our members is dropping out.  Apparently he is some kind of sissy and won't commute from San Francisco for game nights.  Weaksauce, right?

Anyway, we are looking for someone to join up in the next little while - we have a full roster for the next week or two but after that space opens up.  We play weekday nights near Lawrence Station in Toronto from 7:30 to 10:30 or so.  We try to play 2 of every 3 weeks.

If that appeals then send me a message and let me know.  (Email on the sidebar).  We aren't looking to pick up just anyone and will make sure you are a good fit for the group.  In particular you will need to be okay with the fact that we are playtesting and every six months or so the rules will undergo some changes as I work on the system.  The game is getting really good though and I think anyone familiar with fantasy gaming at all will be able to pick it up quickly and easily.


  1. Is sissy the right word to use here?

  2. I think so? Not sure what you mean exactly, though. Can you clarify?

  3. Sissy is a term when applied to a man which says they have feminine characteristics. Often it's used as an insult (because being like a woman is obviously bad, right?)

    I'm not sure why someone who refuses to travel 4200 kilometers several times a month to spend a couple hours with you makes them feminine or worthy of insult.

    Hence, I'm not sure sissy is the right word to use.

  4. Ah, I thought it might be something along those lines. In my experience sissy does not mean effeminate, but rather it means unwilling to push hard for interesting experiences, unwilling to take risks, and cowardly. I don't recall there being overtones of 'femininity is bad' when people were called sissy in my childhood. There was plenty of being called a girl as an insult, which is obviously terrible and problematic, but sissy itself was a different thing.

    So by my understanding I wasn't calling anyone feminine. Calling someone a sissy for not taking a plane flight every week to play roleplaying games with me is pretty clearly just ridiculous hyperbole - a joke, nothing else.

    If sissy really is considered to be a synonym for feminine then I probably shouldn't use it at all as I don't hold with using femininity as an insult, not at all. I will do a bit of reading and asking and try to figure that out.

  5. Yeah, sissy ~ sister, unfortunately.

  6. It appears that some sources define sissy as being specifically effeminate and some do not. We also in my gigantic sample size of two have two different opinions on what it meant years ago when we were kids. Probably shouldn't use it then.